My Memories Are In An Obsolete Format

I’m finally getting rid of some old VHS tapes.  Some of what I still have are these old promotional tapes that Nintendo Power used to mailout to preview new games.  The archivist in me wouldn’t let me get rid of them unless I knew they were preserved somewhere on the internet.  Here are the ones I had:


Star Fox 64:

Diddy Kong Racing:

The Banjo-Kazooie one is made up of game footage narrated by Jon Lovitz.  The other two are crazy skit types. The Star Fox one also has very short previews for a bunch of other games including Goldeneye and Zelda.  There was also one from Midway of which I didn’t find a clip.  But I had no nostalgia for that one anyway.

I remember watching these enough to quote them back then.  (“That’s right, hovercraft!  This is racing like we’ve never seen before Trent.”)  N64 was the time when I was most excited about gaming, despite all the cool things that are available now, and that I can currently play them on a 130″ projector… ahh, good old days vs. modern advantages.

Max Payne 2 Story Run

Whew, finished a project.  It took longer than I would have expected, but I beat my deadline:  Have it finished before the real movie came out on October 17th.

I don’t think there is much of an audiance out there for this, but it is something which I wanted to exist.

The coerced name “Story Run” was born of watching so many speed runs of games and finding that my nostalgia for specific moments would be at odds with the point of the speed run.  Dialog, cinematics, whole levels and parts of games are skipped.  So these story run projects have been my attempt to fill that void.  Also it gave me a quatifiable reason to replay the games.

And discussion of my obsession with quatification can wait until another day.