Sleep Monitoring and Quality

Originally posted as an answer here:

I’ve used Zeo for Android for the last seven months. I really like having quantifiable data to make sense of how I feel after I slept. Though I only used it more toward the beginning, their website has some pretty good tools to visualize the data and to track variables and their effect on your sleep (such as caffeine, alcohol, times you woke for the bathroom, etc). The headband is comfortable, so no worries there.

The one complaint I had was that the SmartWake alarm feature never worked for me. Because Zeo has an open API for the Android version I actually wrote my own implementation:

Aside from monitoring these are the things that I’ve done personally to get better sleep:

– Installed blackout blinds so my room is as dark as possible
– I take Magnesium at night
– I wake up with gradually increasing light:
– I’ve also taken to sleeping with ear plugs. I would not have thought this would make any difference, but I seem to wake up less often now.