My Memories Are In An Obsolete Format

I’m finally getting rid of some old VHS tapes.  Some of what I still have are these old promotional tapes that Nintendo Power used to mailout to preview new games.  The archivist in me wouldn’t let me get rid of them unless I knew they were preserved somewhere on the internet.  Here are the ones I had:


Star Fox 64:

Diddy Kong Racing:

The Banjo-Kazooie one is made up of game footage narrated by Jon Lovitz.  The other two are crazy skit types. The Star Fox one also has very short previews for a bunch of other games including Goldeneye and Zelda.  There was also one from Midway of which I didn’t find a clip.  But I had no nostalgia for that one anyway.

I remember watching these enough to quote them back then.  (“That’s right, hovercraft!  This is racing like we’ve never seen before Trent.”)  N64 was the time when I was most excited about gaming, despite all the cool things that are available now, and that I can currently play them on a 130″ projector… ahh, good old days vs. modern advantages.

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