Raising the Bar on Sustenance

I go through phases of only eating out and phases of only making my own food.  Lately I’ve shifted back to making my own food.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been eating.

I ate this a lot until I realized that tomato-less salsa hurt my stomach.  Apparently it takes me a long time to make correlations like that.

But anyway it’s really tasty.  It consists of the items in the picture there: Caesar chicken, corn & chile salsa, habanero tortilla, and any kind of tomatoes.

This is a damn delicious sandwich my aunt made when I visited. I demanded to know how to make it, so there it is.  Oh and after the first time I made it I skipped the arugula.

Pretty much the same kind of tortilla and tomatoes I always use.  Chicken cooked with bell pepers, sliced almonds and a kind of orange cranberry sauce.  It turned out very yummy.  And the almonds made more of a difference than I would have thought.

This was delicious!  I had only had swordfish twice before in restaurants but it seemed like it’d be a cool thing to try myself.  I cooked it in butter and basil and, I think, lemon pepper.  I like throwing tomatoes in with anything, of course.  My short experience has been that swordfish is just good no matter what.  I didn’t really do any preparation to the artichoke hearts so they were decent but probably could have used at least some addition.

I admit part of the reason I added kiwi was that the plate was going to look too empty in the picture.  But man, kiwi is amazing.

The chicken is just a frozen breast from Trader Joe’s: no special prep.  And even though I was already having spinach, the pasta is spinach & basil.  I forget at the moment what the sauce is called, but it’s the cheating part of this meal.  It’s some kind of meat sauce and it is so good that other elements fade into the background.  Oh well, every meal can’t be a dance of culinary subtlety.

Scallops in butter and lemon peper.  I probably need to buy a bigger variety of ingredients.  The pasta was also specifically lemon pepper pasta.  This meal probably needed some kind of sauce to make it work, but I had nothing to fill that void.  They were ok as is, but only occasionally like scallops anyway.  Also the smell of scallops lingered after cooking…  So overall, probably not going to make them again.  More swordfish!

I love tortilla soup and this Trader Joe’s recipe has an extremely high awesomeness:difficulty ratio.

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